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Your Level 2 B-BBEE Provider

Learn! Apply! Prosper!


  1. Multiple levels of professional accreditation
  2. Become a professional business manager
  3. Access to other international professional bodies
  4. Access to other international exams
  5. Help to manage small businesses in your area
  6. Create your own work
  7. Join our Small Business Support Centre

We encourage all our students to develop ideas into a real business

This is a three-year program.  Become a professional business manager. Start your own business consulting practice for SMME's.  Get your first professional credential within a year.

We have a rolling registration system.  This means that you could start your studies at any time in the year

Mail: study@growthinstitute.co.za

Click here for the application form

Complete all the details, then use the “Register Now” button to send the application form, your latest school reports and a copy of your ID to us