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Funding Solutions

Funding for Corporate Training and Learnerships

Funded learnerships are often difficult to do because each SETA have its own views and timelines.  In addition, not all companies are able to pay the cost of a learnership up front without putting pressure on cash flows.

That is why we have created a new channel through which companies can fund learnerships and other corporate training while minimising pressure on cash flows

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Student Funding

The Growth Group has pledged to make studies as flexible and as affordable as possible for all students in our programs.  In fact, we have decided not to increase our prices for 2018 instead, we cut our margins so that many more students have an opportunity to get a post-school education.

Students can fund their studies in different ways:

Self Payment

“Pay per Module” Basis.  Many students fund their studies on a “Pay per Module” basis.  This option allows students to progress at their own pace.  However, it may take longer to complete a program than with other options.

Parents or Guardians.  Parents or guardians can pay for you your studies.

Study Loans

We have a service agreement with Fundi through which you can apply for a study loan.

Before you apply for a study loan, please read this Fact Sheet carefully


Several organisations offer bursaries.  Read their terms and conditions carefully

Asset Financing Solutions