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Support for Entrepreneurs and Innovators

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What happened to your business idea?  Ninety per cent of business ideas never get off the ground.

In most cases ideas do not become a business due to the lack of funding.  The idea is never transformed because people have a mind lock, believing that “It will never work”.

Your business idea may have more potential than you may think.  Contact us today for a consultation.

Did you know that innovation is about solving problems?  Did you know that all innovations do not have to be about technology, killer apps or free energy?

Many businesses started by solving problems that others did not think about.

Our unique Innovation Evaluator may hold the key to help you make a breakthrough.  Help is a phone call away.

Terms and conditions apply.  An initial consultation fee of R 500 is payable.

Innopreneurship links innovation and entrepreneurship.  Innovations that do not lead to a tangible business do not make sense.

Entrepreneurs must constantly innovate products and services to stay competitive.

Contact us for a consultation and learn how to become and innopreneur.

We spent years building relationships with selected innovation hubs.  We could help open doors. (Terms and conditions apply).