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Help for persons with incomplete qualifications

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More than 80% of persons who started with first year studies at a university, never finish their degree.  In Gauteng alone, more than 1.8 million people indicated that they have incomplete degrees and that they do not know what do do.

Many believe that they have to have degrees to get a job.  Others believe that they will never have a qualification and that they will have to start all over.

A phenomenon called “Mind Lock” is the cause that many people with incomplete qualifications simply give up.

There must be a way that persons with incomplete qualifications can get help so that the years they spent studying do not go to waste.  Also, there is a direct link between unemployment and incomplete qualifications

We can help you break the chain and enter into the world of Workeracy

Any South African citizen in Gauteng with an incomplete degree in Accounting, Management, Hotel Management, Hospitality, Business Administration or Entrepreneurship are invited to contact us for a consultation.

Also, if you have more than three years work experience AND you have an incomplete qualification in any of the above fields, you could be closer to a qualification than you think.

Send a copy of your academic record to and we will call you back.

Terms and conditions apply.  An initial consultation fee of R 200 is payable.

Not all persons may qualify for exemptions.  Each case is handled on merit and in consultation with education experts.

There is a solution