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Special Interest Programs

Disclaimer: the programs listed on this page are highly specialised and not aimed at school leavers.  Persons who want to consider are career change are ideal candidates for these programs.  Programs are offered in cooperation with selected strategic partners.

You must meet the acceptance criteria of our strategic partners

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Fact: In the modern world of work people no longer rely on a single “traditional” qualification when they embark on a career.

There is a new movement named “Artisanal Training”.  This has nothing to do with the training of artisans.  

Many people are interested in careers that are not supported by traditional qualifications.

Over the next few months, we are going to add more Special Interest programs.

HM and Recreational Diving version2.pdf

Growth Group is a theory provider and does not issue qualifications or certifications.

These are awarded by the relevant Professional Bodies and/or SETA