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Empowerment Through Enablement

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Vision, Mission & Philosophy

Our Vision

Being a preferred provider of affordable and flexible learning solutions to suit all budget levels

Mission Statement

The Growth Group is a Management Consulting firm and Private Training provider focused on turning the education pyramid upside down.


By working with selected Quality Assurance Partners, Professional Bodies and Awarding Bodies our primary aim is to close the National Scarce Skills Gap with training programs in:

Financial Accounting

Business Management

Office Administration

Small Business Management

Hospitality And Tourism Management

Project Management

Software Quality Management

Project Management

Business Analysis

Innovation Management

We believe that the Knowledge Economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution can only be met with success by offering sustainable and rewarding training solutions that is accessible to a broad spectrum of South Africans.

Breaking the iron mould of “traditional” training interventions is a necessity and not an incidental.

Offering flexible training interventions ensures that a qualification is within reach of those who cannot afford to enter the mainstream or who have insufficient admission points to enter the mainstream.


We acknowledge that many are looking for alternatives in a challenged education environment and we have the courage to offer that alternative.

Our Philosophy

Education is a right and a privilege.  No one can be denied the right to an education.  However, those who are privileged to be educated must understand that they have a responsibility to themselves and to society to use the right of education with responsibility, accountability and dignity.

We believe that an overemphasis on rote learning do not prepare anyone for the demands of the contemporary workplace.

We believe that the result of education is a combination of knowledge and insight.  We also believe that education should teach anyone how to put knowledge and insight to work for the betterment of the economy as a whole.

The idea that the only valid form of post-school education is a degree, is misplaced.  South Africa, like many others in the world, has a “Graduate Oversupply”.  Not all work require a degree.  Lower level qualifications that are endorsed by professional bodies are just as valuable.  Qualifications that focus on the practical and operational needs of industry are indispensable.